Principles of Art – Nada Iskander


  • Rhythm: this picture presents rhythm through the same sequence of the bricks.




  • Balance:  The way in which the wooden wall is shaped with equal cubes lined in the same size and order makes this picture symmetrical. 


  • Proportion: the size of the tree next to the size of the building and compared to door. 


  • Unity: one could see the repetition of the same patterns at the back of the chair, which also create harmony. 


  • Pattern: one can see the same repeated small pieces of rocks and trashed cigarettes. 


  • Movement: the jumping girls are the moving objects of the picture.


  • Variety: one could see a variety of colors, shapes and sizes in this picture. 


  • Emphasis: the flower is the focal point  of the picture as it is the center and its colors contrast with the green around it. 



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