Art Walk # 1- Hanna El-amrawi

Image I always walk through the School of Science and Engineering (SSE), to attend my lab class but today is the first time I notice those white lightbulb in the ceiling. I guess I am always in a hurry and I don’t have time to look around me. The lightbulb on the ceiling look like they are equally proportionate to one another and seem to follow a pattern 

Image This is probably the first time I see the Plaza area empty. Looking above at the picture, you can see that the boy and the girl are the focus in this picture as they are the only two people walking around.



I always get my coffee from l’Aroma in the morning, and I never seemed to notice the coffee cup on the top of the store. I think its a very creative idea, and i really do believe it has the best coffee on campus. When looking at the picture i feel like the chair, store and cup are all connected in some way. Wherever you look, your eyes will eventually draw upon the coffee cup at the top of L’aroma


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