in-class: Principles of art


Unity: This picture shows unity in the repetition of the leaves and it relates the parts together.




Pattern: I found this on the wall where the squares are equally repeated and in regular arrangement.




Rhythm:  this is progressive rhythm, in which the repetition of the shapes of the floor that changes in a regular pattern.






Balance: this is a symmetrical balance in which the lady is divided in equal parts by an axis.




Emphasis: this flower caught my eye, as it’s color is in contrast with the green leaves.




Proportion: this is internal proportion, as the girl’s size compared to the building behind her is huge.




Movement: I like this picture and how smooth the stairs look like, the proportions are recurring.



Variety: This was a painting in a frame, the variety in vibrating colors is zoo catchy, and it has notable use in contrast of colors.



Nayera Mehrez.



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