Cairo Art Blog: On emerging art in Egypt


Cairo Art Blog is a non-profit platform that aims to provide information about, and to raise awareness of, emerging artists in Egypt. The blog is founded and run by two art lovers with a background in journalism and PR and a strong commitment to supporting the local arts scene in Egypt.

Since the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, the country has seen an outpouring of creative talent especially among emerging artists who tackle themes such as gender, politics and society in ways that differ markedly from their older, more established peers. We believe there is an interesting arts story to tell and have set about trying to tell it, by featuring Egyptian artists who are working across a range of disciplines and mediums and showing their works in galleries and non-profits spaces in Egypt.

Cairo Art Blog strives to present the ideas and intentions behind the art works featured in ways that reflect how the artists themselves view and articulate their work. In fact, we rely, wherever possible, on the artists’ own words.

If you are interested in further information on any of the artists covered in the blog, please contact



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