In-class Assignment (Principles of Art): Sally Tobala


Balance: This photo shows symmetrical balance as elements of the image are weighted equally on both sides.


Emphasis: This image is an example of emphasis as the seating area is located at a focal point



Pattern: As this image has blocks of the same color palette repeated 




Movement: This image shows a girl moving towards another girl which shows movement.




Unity and Harmony: This image shows similar elements used throughout the photo. There is also proximity where all the elements are close together.



The repeated and flowing curves of the wood in this image show Pattern.




Rhythm: This image has a repeated pattern but with minor variations.




This portrait, from my sketchbook, “Il Viale del Gardino” by Claude Monet, whom I picked for my last assignment; portrays Variety   as it has different shapes, sizes and colors of flowers as well as the pavement in the middle. 




Proportion: The two pink pencils are small in scale relative to the sketchbook.


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