Night at The Windsor

So, my theme is about bars. Historic bars to be more precise. The memories, the objects, and most importantly, the people who are there.

The first bar I went to is the historic Windsor Hotel bar. I expected to feel a bit uncomfy – which I did feel at the beginning going into the hotel itself – but later on when I sat across from the bartender, Wagdy, things began to change. The bartender is a very classy guy. When I asked to take his photo for example, he told me one second, turned around, got his bow tie, wore it, and then posed (The sketch below is after he posed. I drew it from picture I took using a very noisy iPhone camera).

He has been working as a bartender for the past 33 years meeting and befriending many celebrities like Michael Palin, Adel Imam, Ahmed Zaki, and others. The Windsor was the place to be for cinema industry people. His story was so compelling that it made me change my mind about the angle I was taking initially. I decided that I want to see the bartender’s bar (the studio) through the eyes of the bartender (the artist). I recorded portions of our talk (in Arabic) and could be found here

So, find below, the sketch I was trying to do. Needless to say, I’m too rusty to be near drawing tools 😀



Post by: Ahmed Mahmoud 


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