Amira Badawy

Amira Badawy

photograph by Ahmed Hayman

When i saw this picture it grabbed my attention. it evoked a sense of peace amidst distruction. like a calm sea after a destructive storm. like any place of worship a mosque should be a place of peace and sanctuary but here it is portrayed as distroyed and ciolent
Principles of art: proportions: the scale of the man makes him seem so tiny and almost insignificant compared to the pilar. emphass and focal point: the placment of the man in the middle of the photograph makes him seem the point of attention. he is dark while the fog is white, the contrast makes him pop out. also the fog gives a sense of movement. the foggy dust seems to be drifting slowly. the photograph is symetrical and that makes it appear more balanced

Elements of art: the positive area is the man. the negative area is the mosque. Contrasting dark and light colors. implied shape of the man (completely dark, no facial details). 3d shapes (like the pillar, it looks like it’s popping out of the picture). vlaue: the fog is brightly colored whereas the shadoows are dull. Intensity: The dull colors evoke a sense of seriousness. there is High Value Contrast.


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