When I first looked at the picture, I immediately said, these 2 people are getting married by force. None of them look happy nor exited. Also, they look very tired and messy. When I read the caption, it mentioned that they’re drug addicts and they’re getting married at the rehabilitation center. I would never have realized that they were at a rehab nor that the woman was already a mother. On the other hand, this picture stood out to me because it can tell many stories when someone looks at it. Even though they’re all dressed up in a suit and wedding dress, and holding colorful flowers, the background and surrounding show that they aren’t really well off or clean. (in this case the rehabilitation center) the contrast between the flowers, the suit and the white wedding dress with the brownish, earthy colored background gives the photograph a whole new meaning. Finally, it has a lesson or moral about drugs and how badly people can get addicted.

Artist: S. Sabawoon


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