Hadeel Abd El Rahman

Hadeel Abd El Rahman

Unity: there is a feeling of harmony in the colors, dust, and shapes.
Emphasis: the man’s dark color (the darkest thing in the picture) and his presence in the middle of the picture while the moving sun-rays point at him while he is moving as well makes him the focal point.
Movement: the walking man and sunrays and the contrast in value give a feeling of movement.
Rhythm: in colors and shapes.
Pattern: beige is all over the place with differing contrast.
Variety: in value, shapes, and sizes.
Proportion: the pillars are giants compared to the man, but they all fit in together.
Lines: the vertical pillars give a sense of spirituality, rising to the heavens, and the diagonal sunrays connected to the man give a sense of movement.
Shapes: there are many geometric shapes that are also rectilinear and actual. The man is curvilinear and the ashes on the floor are implied and amorphous.
Form: its 3D consisting of height, width, and depth. The shading contributes to the feeling of depth the most.
Space: positive and negative spaces exist that contribute to the 3D effect.
Color: the picture is dominated by tone, value, and dull colors that project seriousness. Monochromatic seems to be the color code.
Texture: actual textures.
Ahmed Hayman is trying to show spirituality and the existence of those who were killed as souls that are now rising to the heavens. The walking man’s shadow suggests that they were investigating the mosque after it has burned and been put down as well as grief over the lost ones because of how darkly shaded he is and how the sunrays are connected to him as he moves towards the light out of the mosque. There is a general feeling of seriousness, respect, and greatness for those who died while defending themselves and the rights of others, they are heroes; once again the man’s body language and how his arms are positioned and his bent back and dark shade is pretty similar to how people look like in a funeral. How big the place and pillars are compared to the man as well as the undefined spread of sun rays intensify the feeling of greatness and grave loss over those brave and pure people who are now resting in heaven. Muslim architecture confirms that the place is a mosque, and people are generally serious in places of worship.


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