Hanna El-amrawi ( AUC+Memories)

With my senior year almost halfway over, a lot of memories are running through my head. What will I do when I graduate from AUC? Will I continue studying and do my masters? Or will I end the line of education and apply what I learned in classrooms to real life? This question has been daunting me ever since the past summer. My future remains a black dot of confusion. With these feelings in mind, I decided to use AUC as my chosen space and combine that with a theme of memories.


By combining AUC and memories, I decided to break down my four years at AUC and look deeply into each one. I realized that in my freshman year, I was scared and always hesitant and unsure of which major to pursue. My sophomore year, I was more focused and more accepting of college life, but still unsure. Then in my junior year, I had broken away from my confusion and was halfway through with my chosen major; marketing communications. However senior year, I remain as unsure as I was in my freshman year, expect this time I’m thinking out of the AUC bubble and into the real world. So I decided to combine these ideas into one piece of artwork.


I decided to focus on bags, as a way to show my transition from freshman year to senior year. Having taken a picture of the iconic AUC bridges, I photoshopped myself in different positions, each time wearing a different bag to symbolize a different year in university. For example, my confused freshman self is wearing a bag pack, and is in the beginning of the hill towards AUC. In my sophomore year I’m wearing a side bag, I’m walking more towards the hill, but I’m still unsure of my surroundings. However by senior year I have reached half way through the hill with a shoulder bag and walking with friends. Then senior year, I have finally broken out of the AUC bubble (or in this case, a frame) and I’m deciding between masters or to get a job.


When putting my ideas together, photoshop was the best tool to use, because it allowed me to assemble all my pictures into one concise piece of artwork. My experience with photoshop was very difficult, but after some playing around with the software I finally got the hang of it. At first I was going to have each of my four years dangling from a piece of metal, but I didn’t feel it provided a clear piece of art. By using the wooden board to represent AUC and my hands coming out of it; I felt it clearly shows that in my senior year I’m breaking away from AUC, or in this case the board, and I have a decision that I must make.


Overall, I believe that this project made me touch up on some Photoshop and photography skills, in order to be able to portray my transition from freshman year to senior year, and the different thoughts feelings I had.



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