Yasser Sabry – Theme: Nostalgia

This artwork is nostalgia themed. The building is where I previously used to live; and although it has been demolished and rebuilt, it still sparks powerful nostalgia into me whenever I see it. I chose the digital collage medium because I wanted to capture how a collage complements sentimentality, and print it out in large scale so it instills an eerie advertisement feel to it. Some of the objects are videogame based (Mario, Pac-Man, and the Game Boy), some are toy based (Barbie dolls and the View-Master), and some are simply icons of nostalgia (Recorder being an instrument played by almost all children during elementary school, and Sesame Street being the world-wide paragon of nostalgia). I wanted to emphasize how the building is nothing but an ugly object which in some way ‘ruins’ the collage by adding the eerie effect which isn’t compatible with the buoyant nostalgia represented by the other objects, yet highlights the extreme wistfulness through the fact that it’s been demolished.

Yasser Sabry - Theme: Nostalgia

Listen to this^ while observing my project for extreme surges of nostalgia.


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