Expressionism By: Shahd Khattab

Expressionism By: Shahd Khattab

Final Art Project

Shahd Khattab
Artistic Statement

When I was first asked to come up with a theme, I automatically chose expressionism because I have always known that art always implies some hidden meaning, so this theme would be the best option to help me represent this. This is what I wanted to portray through my final piece. I researched expressionism and how artists express their emotions through their artwork, so I found that no matter how abstract or how unoriginal a piece may be, it will mean something different to each artist depending on their personal perceptions of it; art is and always has been subjective.
I have created this piece because it means something to me. I saw a similar idea that I absolutely loved and it inspired me to do the same, but with my personal twist. The sketches I made while I was visiting my space each have a different meaning. Each one expresses a distinct thought I had at that time. I believe that everything that happens in your life has an influence on your thoughts, actions and makes you who you are. This can be applied to studies, personal relationships, or any factors that can be altered in a person’s life, but what I wanted to represent effectively, is that anything and everything can influence artwork, and that it is the closest thing to a representation of someone’s inner feelings and subconscious; the unspoken words.
My piece, in my personal interpretation, expresses change. “Did you ever look in the mirror and feel shocked, noticing that this is not you, and you just stand there with tears in your eyes demanding change, realizing that this is not you, or who you wanted to be?” My piece expresses sadness, fear, change, loneliness, but to others it could represent a completely different meaning. This idea, or what I wanted to express came from something I recently experienced with one of my best friends. She went through some similar experiences as the ones I previously explained and tried to portray through my piece, and I was the one who helped her through it. It wasn’t my own face in the mirror, but my connection with my best friend made me feel like it was my own experience, so I felt compelled to help her and I used this piece to put down those feelings on paper, in an attempt to help her and myself make sense of what she was feeling. It was for the both of us.
I used paint and pastel because I wanted some parts of my piece to be smudged. I couldn’t have achieved this with paint alone, so I used both to emphasize the messy emotions on the paper, and to create a better effect of the idea I was trying to portray.


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