Sea And Inspiration, Artist Statement, Joya El-Aggar

Joya Magdy El-Aggar

ID# 900121142

DSN 200

Artist Statement

        The idea of my project is “Sea and Inspiration”. Simply, people get inspired by the sea because it is endless, it has no limits, it has no start and end points, it is eternity, and it is huge. The sea teaches the people how to create and think about what can be there on the other hidden side of the sea. However, people also can get inspired by places that are not endless and huge like the sea. For instance, the museum is the place I chose to help me with my project. The museum is a place that has edges, and has start and end points; however, it makes the people get inspired by its beauty. To sum up the upper sentences, the place does not have to have no end and start points to inspire people.

        The question I came up with after doing the mind-maps at the beginning of the semester is that “How can the sea help us to create”. The answer I came up with is that the sea helps the people to create in a lot of different ways. Firstly, it helps everyone to think what may be there down in the sea?, answering this questions there are a lot of people who tried to discover the life under the sea.  Moreover, the sea helps people to imagine and create new ideas about things. Some people start to write poems in the beauty of the sea, while others start drawing the sea. With my experience with the project, I chose the blue color to be the main color of the whole project to show the hugeness of the sea. Moreover, I put some sand in order to make the audience feel the sea and smell it. I did not draw any boarder lines for the project because the sea is endless and it has no end lines.

         The museum is the contrary of the sea in my own opinion. The museum is surrounded by high fences; however, it inspires all the people with its beauty. I tried to make a machete as simple as possible to show the idea of the museum. I chose the beige colors as the ancient Egyptians were using this color, I made a green area surrounded the museum because every museum has an area around it to make the people sit and watch the museum from outside. Moreover, because also this green area will match with the sea.

        To sum up, the project simply shows that inspiration may come from a lot of different things. It does not matter these places or things are huge or not, but the beauty is the matter that makes it inspirational. I did not do a fence for the machete for some reasons, firstly, to make the audience see it and to create an idea that this museum I imagined is an island in the middle of the huge sea. That is why the proportion of the museum is relatively small to the sea. 


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