Alia Hazem El-Mohandes..(Project)


 Artist statement 

My work is about how the camera can change our perspective towards a place or a view. Basically, I tried to combine between technology and nature. So, I chose the AUC garden to be my place that I worked in. I tried to show same places and same shoots but with completely different meaning and time. Moreover, I interviewed students and asked them about how they see the garden and what I noticed is that everyone had a different perspective about it. As a result, what I understood that not everyone has the same perspective about anything even if it was the same thing. So, I decided to show that with the camera to be more accurate.

I tried to show how nature can be part of our modern life with all the new technologies such as camera. Also I wanted to show how the camera can play a big role in changing the perspective of people toward anything such as a place. I am not very good in painting, so I decided to choose the camera because I like photography so much, and I felt that it is like saying what I want to say but in images that can last forever and make a good memories.

What inspired me was lots of photographers such as Ansal Adams, Elliot Erwit and the Turkish photographer Pascal sebah. Adam and Erwit work was about nature and combining the relationships with nature. However, Sebah was about old Cairo but still it was amazing.

I used many colors to show the varieties and differences of the garden. Also, I took many different pictures to the same place to show that even if it was the same place it can still have different meanings and perspectives. I used different materials as well. I got four frames, and I designed them then I used foam board to make my pictures more vivid and clear.  Moreover, I made small pieces of papers to clarify at what time I took these pictures as well. I painted on some pictures to create the focus on certain objects within the picture.

So, my experience with this project was so amazing because it helped me to see new things in the garden and experience many different ideas. For example, a place can has many meanings and perspective. Also if you looked at a place with lots of people, you will have a different point of view compared to the same place but with no people.  I was really interested in my work so much, and I tried my best to actually send my goal of the work in a very clear and convince ways.  


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