Art Project by “Yasmine El Bakly”

Artist Statement
Through my work I attempt to examine where can a person find happiness, as it varies from one person to another. Eating, purchasing something, hanging out with friends, and many other things could make a person happy.
While researching more about happiness as a theme, two artists influenced me. The first one is “ Sol Le Witt” an American artist who used to draw on walls and huge structures with vibrant colors that inspire happiness. While the second one is “Pierre-Auguste Renoir” a French artist whose paintings were notable for their vibrant light and saturated colors, most often focusing on people in intimate and honest compositions.
What began as a personal journey of happiness was translated for me into images of a place where I used to hang out with my friends. This place is “Pottery Café” I personally love this place because I have a lot of memories there. For me happiness is sitting with my friends, eating our favorite food, and just having fun with each other.
I thought of a method that can represent this place in an abstract technique through mixed media, so I decided to take one picture that combines certain remarkable things that relate to “Pottery Café”. After interviewing some people there, the most remarkable things were: “Shisha, Playing cards, Tawla, and something to drink”. Accordingly, I took a picture of those things and started to characterize it by the use of everyday objects to give it the look of a 3D picture.


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