Nada Iskander – Final Project

Nada Iskander



Artist Statement

My artwork presents the theme of loneliness in the streets of Cairo. Cairo is going through a changing political state, which requires it to have a curfew in order to keep people and chaos out of the streets. Before the curfew the streets would be filled with cars, traffic and noises. However, while driving fast in my car to reach home before the curfew, I noticed that the city that never sleeps is empty and meaningless. I started by asking myself how does the curfew make me feel? My answer was lonely and as if I’m on an empty island. Then again I asked myself how would I feel on a deserted island? This is when the connection came to me Cairo during the curfew makes me feel lonely as if I’m on an isolated island. This is exactly where I got my theme and space.

In order to understand more about my theme and space I started my research. First I began by gathering images and synonyms that match my theme. I got many pictures of what loneliness could mean, why do people feel it and how it really feels like. Then I took photos with my own camera illustrating loneliness through my understanding, experience, and my own perspective. I felt that being lonely means feeling sad, depressed, dull, and isolated. After researching my theme, I got into my car and started driving and studying a specific street in my neighbor hood and taking pictures of it during the curfew and after. After both my researches I documented the facts I noticed and made connections of my theme and space together.

My final project is a poster of a sad girl with her hair all over the background. I divided my art piece into two halves where one was after the curfew and the other before. I came up with this idea by getting in the car and driving all alone in the streets. I wanted to illustrate myself through my work and this is the girl drawn. The pictures cut and pasted inside the figure (the girl) represent my space, which is the street. Finally, I painted the background of the figure using psychology of colors to know the colors that could apply to my theme, for example blue, black, red, and yellow.




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