Nour Attia, my final project “Finding Beauty in Chaos”

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                                                Finding Beauty in Chaos

      My theme is as simple and as complicated as finding beauty in chaos, so I thought to myself: what could possibly be more beautiful and chaotic than an artist’s home? Consequently, I decided to take a journey down to one of the oldest buildings in Downtown Cairo to pay a visit to the artist Moataz Nasreldin’s house. I found that artists make sanctuaries out of their homes and so, it was like being inside of Moataz’s brain.

I was completely fascinated by the beauty one can find in things that are old, authentic and sometimes nearly destroyed. Moataz Nasredldin’s home couldn’t be more perfect to suit my theme. The building that includes the apartment of the artist dates back to the 1940s . It is very beautiful but completely neglected. I found it all very inspiring from the antiquated staircases to the huge historic doors and the colorful, broken windows.

The reason behind my choice of theme lies in what I daily see in life. How people tend to ignore something because it’s old, unorganized or all over the place because they find it too complicated. I say au contraire; I believe that these are the very things that we should take the time to observe and analyze because there’s often a hidden kind of beauty and allure when you take a closer look.

I chose to convey my ideas through images, lights and patches of clothes that I gathered from the artist’s home hoping that the combination of them all would give the sense of at least a slight feeling of what I’ve experienced during this wonderful journey.


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