Project 1by Omnia Ahmed Sokarno


Artist Statement:

My art work is a combination of modern ballet dance and classic ballet dance. It describes how the contemporary ballet dancing in different from the classic dancing. Contemporary dance is made to express the passion, rage and ecstasy of humans, developing a new way of movement. It is similar to the classical, but with several differences as it focuses heavily on  basic human movement, concentrating on the movement of contraction and release to expose basic human emotions instead for striving for long, fluid movements. Modern dance gives dancers the chance to enjoy what they are doing without strict focus on their technique. My art work description, in the middle there is a contemporary ballet dancer surrounded by classic ballet dancers and their coach, watching her movements and her message which she wants to convey. I used many materials as plastic and texture to help me to present my art work as real as possible.

Actually, I chose a dancing studio because it is a place where I can find myself and find my satisfaction. Dancing became something essential in my life as it helps me to change and determine many aspects in my life. Dancing gets out the negative energy inside me and change it into positive energy as if i became a new person with a another perspective to the world  as it also turns my mood upside down. It motivates and passion me with energy.


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