Sarah Sorour- Final Project: Old vs. New

Artist Statement

I was always fascinated with objects and their historical value. All my life I’ve seen my house getting filled with new furniture. I decided to take pictures of almost every furniture in the house. I noticed the huge distinction between both floors of my house—the ground floor looked like a replica of the 17th century era whereas the second floor exploded with modern furniture.

My main focus was deeper than just furniture from different eras. I was more interested in the story behind it and what it contributes to society. Most of the antiques in the house were originally made during Louis XVI’s ruling. The beauty of its shapes and its classic feel made me wonder whether the people of this era have influenced these designs in a way, or vise versa. I started taking pictures of furniture in my home for inspiration.

I finally came up with an idea, which is to contrast antique and modern— their differences and what makes them special. The theme of my project is symbolizing a place of upbringing, growing up with traditions, a different environment—who are the people living in both eras?

This enabled me to go deeper and describe both eras (antique/modern) as societies. Buildings will represent these ideas because their importance are significant to the society and they give us a glimpse of how/what life used to be like.

The beauty of this is how both societies co-exist. I decided for my project to interpret both worlds in a way by showing massive distinction between both societies. I drew a Church that symbolizes “old” and modern buildings that symbolize “new”. I added people to create that daily life feel. The arrow pointing to the right symbolizes the transition of the old (the church) to the new (buildings).

My research question is “100 years from now, will the “modern” that we call today become “antique?”

What is really old? What is really new?

To answer my question, I believe that everything around us keeps changing over time, we adapt to the “new” and isolate the “old”. I believe that everything slowly changes and evolves—meaning that today’s modern will look old and outdated 100 years from now.


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