Hadeel Abd El Rahman-Final project

Hadeel Abd El Rahman-Final project

Hadeel Abd El Rahman

Artist statement.


Death is central
People killed since 30/6, the ouster of Morsy, made death come to my mind many times a day and it made me become a more mature and religious person in general, I liked the positive change it created in me and in Islam it’s mentioned that remembering death is a good deed and it brings you closer to god, which makes remembering death a positive and desirable thing instead of pessimistic and creepy, after all, all of us will die and be buried in identical holes, waiting to see whether we will go to heaven or hell and meet god.
Death should be our central focus; life is nothing more than a marginal test, a means to an end, heaven or hell, leading to an eternal paradise or pain.
The colorful pictures on the border of the canvas resemble our outlook on life and how we treat it, the glitter and props resemble how fancy and mesmerizing life can seem to us, and how we focus on it so deeply. All of us have hopes and dreams and ambitions, to find the perfect love to get married, to travel and get experience, to travel the world, to be a more social person, but we barely remember god and the day of judgment just as much as we remember worldly things, even though god put life as a test to see who will get busy with life and forget about him and who will remember and worship him at all times. That is why I placed the colored pictures on the borders because that’s what life is, just a margin.
The dull, black and white, pictures in the center of the canvas are what death is, central to our existence in this world way more than life. It’s black and white colors are how we see death, we don’t like to think about it, we DON’T think about it because we think it’s a sad and negative thing, even though we need to remember it more because if it comes and we are not prepared for it then it will be ugly while it can be beautiful if we just prepare for it in life.
The colored text are tips on how to lead a good life that leads to heaven, the text in black and white are things about death and signs of a good death and a bad death; its intention is to remind people of the scare of the trial in the grave, which will motivate them to prepare for it better.
All things that are written have been sourced from Islam and Islamic Scholars with the intent to deliver the message that a life that leads to heaven is a life based on following a moral conduct of virtues and trying as much as possible to have these good qualities and eliminate the bad ones that lead to eternity in hell. Good, piety, honesty, truth, love, kindness, justice, and service are all virtues that Islam encourages us to use more, and as we use them they start to become who we are.
“Live for dunya like you’re going to live forever (i.e. put things off because there’s always tomorrow), and live for akhirah like you’re going to die tomorrow.”Muslim Scholar.


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