Love Everything I Hate By Serageldin Sameh

Love Everything I Hate

Love Everything I Hate
What is love? Love is an Extreme human emotion that enables humankind to experience perfection, or at least experience perfection at close proximity. You see, nothing in this world is perfect. However, it is through love that we can look past any flaw. And if something is hypothetically perfect, it is through hate that we see that thing as horrific. So love and hate are absolute terms used in relative situations and in most cases cannot be easily differentiated from each other.
The concept of love and hate flowed right out of my mind, may be it is because that concept is my life. I experience the constant battle inside of me between the two emotions every single day, especially recently. When it is becoming really tough to look past the flaws. I feel that I have to explain it more deeply. See, I am an architecture major and if there is any major that exemplifies controversy, I feel that would be it. Being a senior means that I am living in constant stress, deadlines and with a red eye and with blue bags under those eyes. I can no longer shake the feeling that I am not learning anything or how in more cases that I would like, I am the one who is judged rather than my work. I cannot handle that with fast thinking and hustling I get through, at least not anymore. Then why I am still living my life the way I do? Then why I am sticking with that life? I love it; I really do. I love the struggle; I love the hustle; I love the ability to create; I love the lack of limitation; I love the endless opportunities; I love it when I figure out a client; and most importantly I love it when I see my work through. I guess what is love without a little bit of hate?!
When I started thinking about the style or the piece that I am to produce? One style stood out for me and that is street art. Street art is about expression and for me that is the highest level of art. I understand the appeal of being abstract and created pieces that is so complex and sophisticated that even the most sophisticated and educated art enthusiast would argue about its meaning. Even though, I understand the appeal, I do not agree with it. This is because I feel that such pieces lost connection with the people and it became about ego rather than inspiring and making the people feel. That is why I feel that people can easily connect with street artistry as they can easily feel it. I used a glass to my medium because of the broken and the depth feelings I can give my piece and also because I never done such project. Therefore, it would be interesting to see the results.


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