Youssef Othman – Art Project

Youssef Othman - Art Project

Youssef Othman

It first started when I was making my filmmaker studio mind map and I have gone through the names of Stanley Kubrick, Fight Club, Now You See Me, which is a horrible movie by the way, and The illusionist. I was really distracted and unable to find a middle ground for all of them until a classmate uttered the word “Illusion”.

What is really Illusion? Moreover, how it affects the way we see and act? Some see Illusion as a simple way to trick the mind and the eyes. Others think of it as a fine art and how complicated is it. When you look into something, you are expecting to find and understand the meaning of it from the first or maybe second attempt but when you come across a thing that has illusion lying within; your mind and eyes are distracted and shown a false value of the meaning every time you try until you finally get it.

That’s it about illusion that you keep going around and around in loops until finally you figure out a way to break that pattern of seeing the value of what is in front of you. That’s why if you don’t see or understand the other aspect of the other side of what lies within, you would have to approach a different method of noticing what’s hidden in there.

When you really try to analyze Illusion, you cant consider as one stand alone item in the painting or the movie or the idea. But its consisted of smally tiny parts that combine together creating this illusion. The beautiful thing about this is that every small part of this illusion are sometimes a small illusion themselves,

The movie “Fight Club” had a quote that said, “Everything is copy of a copy of a copy” which relates to illusion in the terms of differentiating between the original centered idea and the lookalikes that keep running around the center distracting you from seeing the idea for what it is.

My art project resembles the last two paragraphs, where we have a picture that lies within its copy and that copy lies within another copy creating an optical illusion and an infinite loop of the picture. Not only that but the picture itself is formed of small tiny parts of various colors and tones that combined together form that one big picture.


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