Artist Statement:-
The way I designed my project is to represent Nightlife. I was at a party, and I was looking around for a moment thinking this is why I love Egypt. I asked many of my foreign friends what makes Egypt so different and so special, they all said the same thing, it’s the nightlife that makes it special. The way people are always looking forward to dressing up and putting their makeup on to go out and listen to the music. I used graphic design because I feel like it’s going to best emphasize the colors. The black background is to represent the idea that these colors only come out at night.
The idea of using a girl came to me because girls don’t enjoy Cairo in the morning, its not safe to go out for a walk, get a cup of coffee, or even drive around if you need to get fresh air because its not a safe environment for us. At night it’s our time to let our hair down, and go out for a good time. I used these colors because these are the main colors that you see in parties and the colors from the clothes, the make up, the drinks that flow, and everything around you.
I feel like people can look at this picture and relate it to what they see in Cairo wherever they go. The feeling and emotion behind this picture should be relief, fun, and excited to go out into the nightlife. This doesn’t just represent the parties, it represents the lights in the streets and the colors on the signs as your driving around and how the signs come to life at night.


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