Kenzi Heiba Artist Proposal

How far can our imagination bring us? My theme is Imagination and my space is the Nile and Cairo elevation view from my place. To represent my theme throughout my space, I printed out photography of a panorama of my space where I edited it with acrylic colored paint and collages to portray my imaginations absurdly. What I saw through my lenses while observing the view is the crowd of Egypt and how it stresses out Egyptians and how dull the buildings where.

Since my theme is imagination, I chose to answer what I saw negative in an imaginative way. From there, I exposed flying cars and colorful buildings that, according to myself resemble utopia. The meaning behind my visual is the representation of the individual’s imagination in their societies and this is how I am related to my visual. I displayed what I feel should be done for a better society that will lead to better human experience. Because it is imaginary, it contradicts the reality and diminishes suffer.

I picked this subject because this is the view I observe in my daily life and I had thoughts about it that I thought would be interesting to share. I work in a certain medium of painting on photography since it is the perfect method to come up with something imaginary from something that actually exists. Therefore, I am trying to demonstrate imagination through existentiality from a subjective viewpoint of how I live and what I, for myself sense or desire would materialize for a better living.



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