Art project ( sexual harassment) By Rana Hassan

Art project ( sexual harassment) By Rana Hassan

Artist Statement
Sexual harassment has increased in the past few years in Egypt, women in the past were used to wear mini-skirts with no fear of getting harassed either verbally or physically. Nowadays, women wear more decent cloth yet they are being harassed and even blamed for what she is wearing.
It is a very strange phenomenon and it is highly spread in Cairo streets. Most of women regardless their age, look or the way they are dressed get harassed. Is it due to the economic status and that marriage became a very expensive wish, or is it the low morals our community reached because of the ‘new movie culture’? Nobody knows for sure what the reasons for harassment in Egypt are.
I have done a small survey about women’s feelings when they get harassed, and took a few pictures about different harassment situations. Then, I started to make a collage out of the pictures along with drawing and painting a few feelings which women feel when they are harassed. But still there is a main question comes up to my mind when I think about harassment and that is “why does this phenomenon happen?”


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