Mariam Afifi; Project 1

20131119_120855Mariam Essam Afifi
DSGN 200
Dr. Rola Khayyat
Artist Statement

I started off with the theme, social classes and how they define people. But then I realized I could add another theme. I chose unfinished buildings or places like the famous photographer Jason Larkin. I went around taking pictures in one of my favorite places and tried to link my theme to it. Laguna Beach is my dad’s compound in Ain Sokhna. Ever since he passed away I’ve felt like it’s my sibling’s and my duty to take care of the place for him. I have unconditional love for that compound and I go there almost every weekend. The place is beautiful and brings back many memories. The feelings I have when I’m there are indescribable. There isn’t a thing I dislike about the place. On the other hand, there is one side of the resort which is still getting built, therefore; it’s very messy. One side is alive and colorful while the other is sandy and just red bricks.
After looking into the place more, recording the sounds, asking people and workers, and taking pictures in the morning and pictures at night, I’ve decided what my final project will be and how I’ll link both themes together. I took a very strong photograph of one of the unfinished houses and I’ll enlarge it then cut it in half. On the other side, I will draw a luxurious house and make it really stand out. Also, on the un-built side of the art work, I will add small figures to represent the different social classes while on the other side I’ll add textures, colors and use many materials to make it really stand out and different from the other side. That way, the different social classes are represented and also, the “unfinished” theme is present. It will be like a before and after picture but more blended in and stronger.

I will use collage, chalk and paint for the luxurious side of the picture while I’ll only stick figures on the picture of the unfinished house.  Also, I want the unfinished side to be dull and boring while the other side is alive and colorful. My main goal is to make people realize that this is the difference between social classes and how close people are to each other but also, how different. 2 completely different social classes can be present in one house.


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