El Barman – Ahmed Naguib – FInal Film / Design Project


Re the poster:

I was inspired by multiple elements. I always associated classiness with black and white. The fonts were inspired by classic films in general. An example of one of the posters is: 



Now, when it comes to the film itself. I decided to keep the reveal of the man himself to the very end to get the viewers to wonder about what they are watching and to reflect on what the man is saying without seeing him at the beginning. I wanted to see the place as he sees it and to get the viewer to engage in exploring the spaces and the objects he talks about. 

I wanted to keep the grains because it gives it a classic/filmic look. Originally, I was going to do it in black and white but the warmth of the place, etc. prompted me to keep it in colour to show how cozy and elegant the place is. 

I really like the final output. Hopefully, I will be spending more time on producing a longer documentary on this man. 


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