Hanna El-amrawi ( Design Project + Artist Statement)


Hanna El-amrawi

November 30, 2013

Artist Statement (Film + Design)

            With the theme of memories and my chosen location, AUC, we were now told to take our art project to a whole new level. We were asked to produce a film that would correspond with our art project. Keeping this in mind, I decided to keep the idea of having the different types of bags represent my different years at AUC (Bag pack: freshman, cross body: sophomore, shoulder bag: junior and handbag: senior). I also wanted to be consistent with my art project and not show the front of my face. So I started with a wide shot of myself entering AUC and only showing my bag pack, this was to portray my freshman year where I was still new to the university. Then I proceeded to the Journalism and Mass Communications department where I officially declared my major of Integrated Marketing and Communications. I declared my major sophomore year and so I show in my movie that my bag has changed. Then I proceed to the International Programs Office (IPO) where I got accepted to go to the George Washington University for my junior year. Going up the stairs I have changed my bag and I am now ready for my junior year abroad. As I open the door to the IPO, I then present a slideshow of memories from GWU. Then I close behind me the door.  I am now not only holding a different bag, but I am also wearing heels and a blazer. I wanted to show that I have now developed into a more mature, independent women who is ready to sit down for interviews and enter the real world. I then proceeded to the Career Advising and Placement office, where I sat for an interview. Before closing on the shot of me accepting the offer, I have a flashback of all the memories and stages I went through in order to become the independent woman I am today.

            After completing our film project we were now asked to produce a movie poster for our film. Immediately the name “The Chosen Path” came to mind, because this is my individual path that I created at AUC. Some students can decide to transfer, some students can decide to major in psychology, but I was the one who chose all the stages that were portrayed in my movie. I then looked up different movie posters and the movie poster of “Inception” inspired me. Just by looking at the poster my attention was caught and it made me want to watch the movie. I liked how they kept a specific theme of the color blue and how simple the movie poster was. So I decided to apply the same techniques of Inception to my movie poster. I found a picture of myself with my bag pack and the beautiful AUC architecture around me. I decided to use that photo because it clearly showed I was a freshman, since I had my bag pack on, and also my face was not shown which was consistent with my film and art project. Next I then decided to add a tagline, like Inception, and I used the words “ Where the journey begins” to create suspense and draw the attention of my audience. To finish off I added my title on the bottom and decided to add my friends name “Hind Abu Ramadan” because she was the one filming me the whole time and she helped fill in random roles in the film and art project. When picking the colors of my poster I was extremely careful to stick with one color scheme like Inception did, so I played around with the colors of orange and brown. I used Photoshop to make the colors more vibrant and to add some touches.  I wanted to emphasize on myself in the picture so again I used Photoshop to blur away some thing and to blur the edges. Also I positioned the tagline and title so that it drew attention to myself walking.





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