Youssef Othman El Oussy- Final Film/Design Project

For the film and design project, I wanted to approach a different aspect of illusion. My art project addressed optical illusion and how small tiny parts can come together to form that one big trick. Illusion is not only magic tricks. It exists in our daily lives, in our reality. We are fooled by real tricks everyday that leaves us wondering how we got deceived.

Therefore, for my film project I thought of showing illusion in our reality. By showing events in real life that was performed by actual illusionists. I wanted to address in my video the big elephant in the room. I wanted to talk about the relation between religion and illusion and how many believe that religion is just a big myth. George Carlin quote well expressed that situation. In his famous quote, he says that god would punish me severely and send me to hell if I did things he didn’t like but he would still love me. I wanted to highlight that quote in my movie by having it as a voice over on a black screen to let the viewer imagine each word of the quote. Then illuminate him and bring the video of Carlin on with the words “But he loves you”.

Many Hollywood movies talk about illusion. Many of my favorite movies actually goes deep into that theme. My all time favorite movie Fight Club was an inspiration to me during the whole three projects. I used several quotes from the movie in my film to express more about the whole 9-11 hoax as I believe or to talk about the social struggle we’re having at AUC. By social struggle, I mean the state AUCians has been into. Believing that life is all about these materialistic things, that you are defined by the type of car you drive or the brand of clothes you are wearing.

I wanted my movie to take the form of a dream state, where you would see a little bit of each topic without being exposed to the whole picture and that’s what illusion is all about afterall. In a dream you don’t have a storyline, you don’t have a beginning, a middle or and end. You don’t see a climax then an ending. I wanted to address my topics that way so the viewer could sense a relation between them although all topics are completely different.

I wanted my movie to be disturbing. I wanted the viewer to feel bored during the moon landing part. I could’ve made it shorter but I wanted to make the viewer feel uncomfortable, to make him or her realize how deluded or unaware they are about the bigger picture. I was inspired by the great Michael Haneke who believes that cinema is not for entertainment but this glorious cinema experience is supposed to affect your character in a good way or like what happens usually in Haneke’s movies, a bad way.

Picture 077 Picture 072 Picture 073 Picture 074 Picture 075 Picture 076 Picture 071 Picture 070 Picture 069 Picture 068 Picture 067 Picture 061 Picture 063 Picture 064 Picture 065 Picture 066 Picture 060 Picture 059 hd 2013-12-02-842


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