Yasser Sabry Design & Film Project

Film Project

My film/montage project is based on nostalgia, branching out to a late 70s theme. I was heavily encouraged by a huge plastic bag full of VHS tapes sitting in the corner of my room. My project’s goal was to deliver nostalgia through a comic feel by my choice of shots and 70s music videos. My film follows a guy (myself) at home, firing up his VHS player, and inserting a tape full of 70s music videos. As he watches, he fills up his ‘nostalgia-meter’, which then transforms him from his dull pajamas into a 70s-attired groovy person.

My poster design project (based on my film project), is in many ways required to complement the film project; so I chose to involve many elements. The extreme close-up and the line division in the center illustrates the transformation that occurs to the protagonist. The television color test bars as a background and the glitch in the middle of the poster act in unity to draw forth the eventuality of the plot having to do with old television videos. Finally, the black-outlined 8-bit font for ‘NOSTALGIA’ was chosen to jolt actual feelings of nostalgia upon reading the word, leaving the audience curious if the film will indeed satisfy their feelings of nostalgia.


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