Mariam Afifi DSGN Proj

Mariam Afifi DSGN Proj

Mariam Essam Afifi
DSGN 200
Dr. Rola Khayyat
Artist Statement
Movie poster

For my movie poster, I wanted to make it very relevant to the name, If Only, and the movie itself but using a different perspective. I also again, wanted to show both sides of the extreme social classes. Since in the movie, the poor girl was dreaming. I decided to come up with something similar for the poster. On the other hand, I couldn’t show a dream on a piece of paper so I thought of a better idea. I took two pictures of the same character, one poor, looking very wishful and sad while the other one, the rich girl, is in the mirror wearing her fur coat and looking all dolled up. I will then use Photoshop to put the pictures together and make it seem like the poor girl is looking at herself in the mirror. On the other hand, instead of seeing her same old poor self, she sees her rich self. This poster also goes with the title If Only since it is based on wishful thinking. Also, the whole dreaming theme in the movie also matches the poster but from another point of view or perspective.


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