Film & Design Projects


Artist Statement 
For my film project, I wanted to come up with a constant theme that somehow relates to my previous visual arts project. My visual arts project was about covering Egypt with green material and paint to make it more relaxing and beautiful. I did not want to cover up Egypt with greenery in my film project as well. Since it was something that has audio I wanted to use different dimensions to express my idea. So I decided to present my idea of visualizing a more beautiful looking Egypt by another method that is music. I got the idea of using music to express happiness, relaxation and other positive feelings from movies in general when they use music in scenes and suddenly everything’s right and happy. I had to stay consistent with turning something that wasn’t that pleasant about Egypt using art materials and methods. So I thought of how traffic is a big burden on Egyptians and how everyone is frustrated throughout their journey through Cairo’s traffic. So I came up with the idea from my own personal experience. When I am stuck in traffic I use music as a medium of relaxation and I indulge in the sweet voices and beats of the tracks I listen to. I might also start daydreaming about happy thoughts or things I want to do in life like travel or buy stuff, things that might take my mind of the frustration. So, I tried to implement this idea in my film. I came up with idea of being stuck in traffic and as soon as someone turns the radio on, the streets of Cairo are not crowded anymore, the sky is clearer and everything seems just perfect. And when the radio turns off you can see the crowdedness again with all the noise.
To create my film project I used my iPhone camera to record the material and then I used iMovie to compile and edit the scenes. This was my first time to use iMovie but I got a hand of the situation real quick and easily. I also experimented with different effects that could change the color of the video, which I used (Saturation). I also tried on other effects such as flipping the screen. I added several soundtracks to the movie and muted the original sound from the street. I used minor transitions and fade ins and fade outs. I really enjoyed working with iMovie. However, I wish I had more skills and knowledge about the editing world which I think I will seek to know more of as I really liked it.
As for my design project, I wanted something that would express the happy and relaxing journey that waits with just a push of a button. I tried using real life pictures but they did not give me that feel of joy. I was inspired by the movie Cars and how it always makes my day whenever I watched it. So I decided to make my poster cartoonish to express the joyful feelings that one feels when listening to music in the radio. As for the name “Open Happiness”, I felt that it really symbolizes the fact that as soon as you open your music player or radio, you will feel and visualize a happy Egypt.
I used Photoshop to make my poster. I searched for different images, which I could use for my project and I stumbled upon some that I really liked. I tried different arraignments of photos, colors and layers until I reached this final result. It was also my first time to use Photoshop, I can’t say I perfected it but at least I know how to deal with different layers and some tools. As for the fonts I always admired the typewriter font so I just knew I had to use it. I used it to write the credits as it is an artistic font and credits go to the artists who created this movie (Me). For my movie title I wanted something that would really stand out as my poster has a lot of colors and images. I also wanted a font that would give that feeling of joy. I tried on different fonts and sizes until I found out the one I picked out and thought that it matches my theme and message.


Film Poster (DSGN Project)



(This is my adjusted version)


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