Nada Iskander Film and Design Project

Nada Iskander 900120965
DSGN 200- Dr. Rola Khayyat
Artist Statement

Cairo was going through a changing political state, which required it to have a curfew in order to keep people and chaos out of the streets. The point of my film project was to elaborate more about Cairo’s streets during the curfew. This is when I decided to do a short movie about the street of Cairo since the beginning of the curfew till it ends. Some of the thing I noted were that as soon as it the curfew ends at 7 A.M. school busses start moving and people start to wake up. At 8 and 9 A.M. people start going down go to their jobs and at 1 P.M till 5 P.M. people invade the streets. The traffic at that certain time is unbearable. Students are getting out of schools, mothers are going back home, driver are everywhere, and people are getting back from work. I went down to my car and drove every hour or two in the area next to my house. I tracked all the movements and features in the streets. I saw when checkpoints were set up and when people started going home at night. I used my phone to take the video and IMovie to edit it. Some of the tools I used in IMovie were cropping, trimming, fast forward, enhance, zooming, and adding text to the movie. I went around asking people what they think of the curfew and noted their comments; some of them were positive and others were negative. My short film is about 2 minutes, where the screen is cut into two. The first half is the street with the cars at a specific time and the other half a matching phrase or word and the time. I also used the song “Hit the Road Jack” by Ray Charles as its title matches and the beat goes with my movie. The song ends at 12 when the curfew takes places again and a clock ticks with the sound of a heartbeat in the background.
As for my design project is an A3 poster for the film. It contains of a picture of me walking with two little girls in an empty street. I used iPhoto and Photoshop to edit this photograph. First, I started with iPhoto, where I cropped the picture and used the effects button to brighten the colors of the picture and make it clearer. Then, I added a picture of a thinking bubble on the right up side of the picture. This thinking bubble presents how during the curfew people had to divide their time wisely and think about the streets, traffic, and the curfew before they go down. And this is exactly where I got the title for my movie, “Wondering in the Streets of Cairo”. This title showed the purpose of the movie, which is what the curfew does to the streets and increases the traffic and also, how it makes people clearly think about moving from one place to another. My last step was adding the text to the poster. I chose to put it at the bottom center of the page to grab the people’s attention first to the picture and then to read it. I chose the font Apple Chancery to add an artistic and passionate theme and feeling to the poster.



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