Nour Attia – Film & Design Projects

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capture-20131207-190907Nour Attia - Film & Design Projects

Artist Statement

Being that my theme is finding beauty in chaos, I wanted my film to represent that idea clearly and at the same time not be all over the place since “chaos” is included which is something that needed a lot of thorough planning and thinking. In the end, I came up with the idea of using color symmetry since that I’ve always been fascinated by it because of the definite results you get every time you play around with liquid colors. No matter the variety of colors you use or how you choose to spill them on the canvas; the final result is always beautiful after you unfold that piece of paper or whatever material you’re using…and so, my film shows.
When it came down to designing a poster for my film, the idea effortlessly popped into my head because color symmetry was already the center of my focus. I used a background of an old, deteriorated wall and on it I added a picture of a beautiful color symmetry figure that I had previously done in my sketchbook. I chose the slogan on the poster accordingly as well to encourage the viewer to take a second and a closer look at what he/she would completely loathe in real life because of what is known as “Social Norms”. I want to encourage you to take that and maybe try to somehow find the beauty or the blessing in it.
What’s the definition of beauty? That’s the question I’m imposing and the challenge I’m presenting you with. And do beautiful things only result from neatness and order? That’s the main concept of both my film and design project.


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