final film and design projects by Yasmine Esmat

Artist statement

(Film and Design projects)

      Finding an interesting medium and storyboard for my topic which is “Relaxation” was somehow difficult at the beginning. At first I wanted to film some short videos of people doing relaxing things like a boat in the Nile or a person doing yoga in a garden but it was unsuccessful and boring. Then I got the idea of using slow motion which had two types, either with drawings or clay. I chose Claymation. First I started searching for Claymation films to see how it worked and how it moved. There were a lot of different films, some were too much complicated and others were so simple although they gave a nice storyboard. What’s interesting about clay is that you make one character and then you keep moving its parts, unlike drawing where you have to draw the character all over from the beginning. So I decided to make it simple to save time while working and to succeed in delivering my idea throughout the film. My film is simply showing the sun, sky, flowers and trees movement which is made by the main character when he finds a white place. Then when he feels relaxed in the environment that he has done, he begins to think about doing some actions that makes him relaxed. Finally the movie ends by the most relaxing action which is sleeping.

      Film posters are those which encourage you to enter a film in the cinema, which is why the composition of the poster took me some time to think about it. I kept thinking how to make something that can attract the audience. I was confused whether to put a typical scene from the film where it includes a relaxing action or to put the character alone against a white background. Then I decided to put the character against a white background but include one of the relaxing actions in the back and put the focus on the character. I found that this would make emphasis on the character so that his relaxing facial expressions can appear. Also I included a quote next to the title to make it more interesting and the color of the font I used is blue and green because these are the relaxing colors.



and here is the link of the film project


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