Hala Sorour. FIlm and Design Project




Artist Statement 

            For my Film project I followed consistency. I chose the same theme and place for this project. My art project was about how my room is my inspirational booster and I related it with the famous film Alice In Wonderland. I watched the film several times when I was young but watching it for a certain purpose made me feel I was watching another film. This time watching Alice In wonderland I was looking for certain scenes that I can take for my own film. Thus I chose specific scenes that support what I feel and witness inside my room. The scenes I choose emphasize on how I feel different and motivated after my room provides me with the time needed to be calm. It also allows me to emit all the negative thoughts that I had. To boost my claim even more I wrote some subtitles introducing every scene to make it easier for the audience to understand my message. Then I choose the music by Coldplay, which is lost. The song is a motivational one and supports what my room encourages me to feel. Even though I chose the instrumental song without the lyrics but the music itself conveys the same feeling.  It was my first time to use iMovie but it was challenging for me, as I wanted to get creative. Therefore I started searching for YouTube tutorial videos so I could learn more.


            For my design project I wanted the poster to be clear and at the same time mind challenging. It was aesthetic as the huge lock on the poster shows that there is something mysterious about the room and it only draws attention to the room and nothing else. In my sketchbook I drew several posters but none of them conveyed the message that I wanted until I chose this one. I made several adjustments to the one I picked as at first I wanted to put Alice In wonderland as the background but I thought of making it simpler and just keep the background black. The idea behind my poster is that my world, which in this case is my room, is magical so Alice’s world. Since I am the only one who is motivated and inspired by my room I got the idea of the door lock and my room inside it.  Thus this poster is the most suitable for my movie as it illustrates that its personal and it motivates me to believe that for every closed door there is always a new one and for me it always starts in my room. The font I used in the title was Giddyup. I chose this particular font because I wanted a font that shows my mood when I am in my room, which is not serious and it was the only one that attracted me.  The element I chose to represent my design poster is attention and interest, as I believe that the poster gives the audience incentive to see the film and find the mystery behind my room.

Film Project:



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