“In My Own World”





 The original picture



My Design project

Artist statement

Alia Hazem El-Mohandes


Design 200


My film and design project was in the same place which is the garden. I decided that my film project will be based on my visual art project. I used the video camera to actually view the world in the garden, and I decided to make a short movie that can have a message inside it. The movie was about a girl that was actually living “in her own world”, and she was enjoying her time by herself.

What actually inspires me was the romanticism paintings (man versus nature).  This was what I tried to represent in my movie. It was like a human sitting inside the garden and I tried to compare between the size of the man to the huge nature and how small he is compared to the garden.

I took many steps to actually do my film. First, I took many different scenes for the garden and for my friends (Farida El-Ghandour & Shahd El- Garf), who actually helped me to do the movie. My Friend (Farida) was doing many different things such as listening to music and reading. I tried to show how lonely she was even while staying with group of people, and she was living in her own little world. I tried to choose an appropriate song to fit the video and to give it more clear meaning.

Then, I decided that my design project should be related to the other two projects. Frist, I chose my picture about a girl that was sitting alone in the garden. Second, I began to edit it, and I chose the right colors to actually make the picture vivid. I didn’t want to say much in the poster, and I tried to hide the message behind the picture.

It was an exciting experience that taught me a lot about the visual art, film and design project. I had so much fun while doing my work especially while making the film project. I hope that the message that I tried to send through the video was clear. Moreover, I wish that I conveyed my message clearly and precisely. 


My Film Project: ” In My Own World” 

Link: http://youtu.be/XevJGYFgo7c 



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