Shaden Al-Rafie Correction to the poster

Shaden Al-Rafie Correction to the poster

Shaden Al-Rafie
In my film project I wanted to add something new this time, I wanted to portray the diversity from the Egyptian society that participated in the revolution. However, I still wanted to relate it to my previous work and my place Mohamed Mahmoud street(freedom eyes street). Therefore I chose to close up on each person’s eye because I feel that this would be more effective in representing my place and its story. I also tried as much as I can to represent the revolution from each person in my film’s point of view. In addition, I left the child in the end of the movie to represent Egypt’s future.
In my choice of songs, I was focusing on something that would arouse emotion and most importantly a song that refers to the eyes at least once. I wanted to connect this film to my previous art project and therefore I used the same name and added some of the graffiti I used before. All my inspiration came from the revolution and all the creativity that suddenly appeared in the Egyptian society, that’s why in my film I tried to add pictures that represent this creativity of Egyptians not only through art. Overall I was aiming to deliver my message and show that creativity inspired by the revolution from all of the Egyptian society.


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