amira badawy: Artist statment

Short Film and Design Projects

My theme is death. For my film I decided to do anime, Japanese animation style, traditionally (I drew every frame). I subtly portray the concept of the seven deadly sins as the alarm goes off at 7AM. I am trying to compress a lifetime into the life of this girl, who represents life. She grows up and faces different things as she gets older. The day is concluded by kissing her lover, who represents the angel of death. She ends up dying. Her hair throughout the film is gray, even when she was a kid, to symbolize aging. Her eyes are scarlet red, to represent blood and death. I present some of the deadly sins in the animation. First, I present sloth when she is waking up grumpily from sleep. Then I present gluttony, when she makes a cake. I also present sorrow when I talk about bullying. Finally, I present lust when they kiss and I also present wrath when I mention domestic violence. I am fascinated by anime because they usually present unconventional and even obscure themes. In the film, I also present a lot of contrast. From cute dancing food to a crying girl, I use rough transitions to amplify such contrasts. The whole process was quite experimental. I used ArtRage and Photoshop Elements then transformed the images to JPEG then put them in Movie Maker.

For the poster, I used both ArtRage and Photoshop. I tried to make the style simple and minimalistic. The pallet I used was mainly dull colors, however, for the eyes I used bright colors to emphasize and grab attention. For the title, I wrote it in both English and Japanese. I chose Japanese because I wanted it to seem more authentic as an anime. I used red for the girl and green for the boy because red and green are complementary colors. That symbolizes the concept that life and death are both complementary to one another. Also, I tried to portray continuity by making their heads touch, making it seem like the hair is just one bulk. That is to show that life and death are always connected and lead one to another. 


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