Art Statement (Film Project) -Rania Fayed

Film Project

Art Statement

I started my film project taking photos and videos of the members of “Theater

and Film club”. I wanted to show how those people put their soul and time to

make any event come out somehow perfect. I wanted to present the family spirit

we share in the club in a short 5 minutes movie and I wish that the movie showed

how the members collaborate even without any event but they just feel loyal to

this place just like me. I started shooting after telling them that I will make a short

movie about the club and it’s 5th

helped me to shoot in good conditions although they were hurried. I went to the

booth and captured the moment when they were painting the small theater. Also

I went to the roof of the “Core Building’ in the assembly hour to take a general

shoot from upstairs for the whole view of the “Plaza Area” and how the “PRing

committee” distribute the tickets to the students all around the university starting

from “PVA” till “Bassily Hall”. I went with some of my friends who were PRing

and took some videos as a “behind the scenes” videos. I chose to make a movie

on this topic because I love this club and wanted to make something especial for

them and when someone loves something he/she puts his/her full energy to make

anything work out in an perfect way. I used “Movie Maker” program to make and

edit this short movie because I am used to it but I tried to work on “IMovie” but I

did not know how to deal with it at all and did not want to take the risk to ruin my

project. I filmed it with both, I took the first part with the mobile camera and the

second part with “Nikon” camera.

anniversary event and they welcomed the idea and


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