artist’s statement (art project)


Life in a city is monotonous, repetitive, and boring. The same day is repeated over and over as people wake up, go to work, go back home, sleep, and that’s the daily routine. But if that were the case, most of the people would be depressed so I wondered what could be the reason that can break that monotony that we find in the city, and my answer was simply the colors. In fact without colors the city would be dead and without feelings. You can’t feel joy without colors and that what I wanted to prove in my art project.

The first thing that came into my mind was that to demonstrate that idea I must start from scratch. So I walked in the streets of Cairo searching for what makes its life. I took pictures of people, empty streets, shops, and buildings, and I realized two things. The first thing was that the colors actually do bring energy and life in the daily routine. And the second thing, was that people are what cause these colors to put joy in their lives. So I told myself that the best way to represent this idea was to paint on a black and white picture representing a daily sight. The picture I took and chose wasn’t showing a special sight, in contrary it was showing a man over his wooden car in the background, and in the front a donkey that pulls this car. The idea to paint on the picture was essentially chosen to show that the colors that represent a daily routine are things mostly done by people (planted trees, shirts, cars, etc.) so I wanted it to show that it was intentionally painted on the picture.

The project consists of a black board, with the same image repeated four times over it. The first picture is completely in black and white, the second has only the trees colored, the third one has the cars and the cloth of the man also colored, and the last one has most of its components colored. The gradual summation of more and more colors over a repeated image, is to show that when you add more colors, the picture becomes more and more joyful and brighter. And that proves that the colors have a great impact on breaking the monotony of the daily routine. The colors I used are bright and that is to show how the colors act on the picture.


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