artist’s statement (design project)

This design project consisted of a poster that had to be made for the film project. So it was easier to make as I imagined it from the beginning as I filmed the movie, so I just had to apply what I had in mind to see its result on a poster. The poster consists of a picture of the shoes I used throughout the whole video, a title, and the info needed at the bottom of it.

            I chose the shoes to be represented because it is the thing used the most in the video and it kind of represents the personality and the person itself present in the movie. The shoes were represented on a plain background and focused on so that every external object would be excluded from the picture. I tried to set the shoes as messy as possible to give the effect of something used frequently and worn off with the time.

The title is written using a collage of different letters and that is to emphasize on the fact of breaking the monotony and changing the patter we usually follow. The letters chosen were bright and colorful to show that the movie isn’t dull and that it is going to show a new and fun experience.

Under the title is written “a normal day but yet different”, I decided to write “different” as different as possible from the rest of the sentence. And that is to show that the main point of the movie was to show that different is better and always more entertaining than repetitive patterns.

 In my opinion, the poster described well the movie as it showed its different elements but by using different techniques than filming. It was fun using Photoshop to make the poster as it was one of my first experience of using it for this king of projects.


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