artist’s statement (film project)

For this film project to come up this way, I had several ideas in mind. The first goal was to emphasize that the monotony that we see every day can be broken and fought by looking closer to details that we never notice in our daily life. The second goal was to prove that you can also break it by going out of the ordinary and not following the norms and “normal” standards imposed by the society. And finally the third goal was to show that the details we focus on don’t have to be “appealing” details. And that’s why I chose my feet to be the main actor for this movie.

By filming my feet through a daily life routine day, it will attract people’s attention as they will see something they never thought of observing before. And by doing that, it will induce a certain sense of humor in the video that is a normal reaction of going out of the routine. And that’s how we break the monotony as a normal object that is present every day but not noticeable, seem to us different and new.

The first difficulty while filming the clips used in the production of the movie was the camera shaking as I had to hold it and film while walking. To solve this problem I had to hold my breath while filming and sometimes hold the camera firmer in both hands to prevent as much shaking as possible. Another difficulty faced in the beginning was how the people in the different locations I visited were always surprised that somebody was filming his feet, and felt it was weird. The solution for this problem was quite simple, having fun with it. The fact that people were shocked by it made it more fun to do, as you had to explain why you do this and laugh at every person’s reaction to it.

 In general, it was a fun project, and a great experience as it made me go through a lot of imagination and observing to see how this project would get done the way I pictured it.


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