The All-Nighter_Serageldin Sameh_ Poster Design

The All-Nighter_Serageldin Sameh_ Poster Design

The All Nighter
The Advantage of choosing a topic that You can relate to is that coming up with an idea is not that hard. However, you might experience some self-revelations. like the First project, the movie and therefore the poster is about my life as an architect. However, this time I choose to focus more closely on to one aspect of my life and that is pulling all nighters.
Pulling an All Nighter is more frequent that any of us would ever like. Have you pull an all-nighter. A true all-nighter; which means going more than twenty-four hours without even a single moment of a shut eye. Going for hours and hours with complete focus and under stress of not meeting the deadline. If you did, then you would relate greatly to this movie, if not, I hope you would have a good laugh.
First things first, I had to design the movie to be as crazy as chaotic as possible. Because as we get further into the night we get more crazy, insane and hysterical. unfortunately, I did not come close to craziniess of it all; Despite all of my efforts, even when I did the scene when all hell breaks loose.
After finishing directing the scenes, the music had to be picked. I chose music that we listen to during the different phases of the night. I chose the piece to enhance the point of every shot and to serve the ultimate goal and that is to be funny.
The hardest challenge for me in that project besides trying to pick up a new program in matter of hours, was to amend my idea and my original film plan to meet my capabilities and the capabilities of the software without losing the original concept


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