Alaa Hafez – Design Project & Artist statement: Stereotyping

Alaa Hafez - Design Project & Artist statement: Stereotyping

Artist Statement
Design Project
The whole idea for the design project was to design a poster for the movie we have already made for the film project. In my opinion, it was the easiest project of them all because when we were all making our film project, we had this idea for the poster and what would it look like. The challenge was to apply the idea in your mind with the photo shop program.
My theme for the film project was stereotyping and I managed to represent it in my film by reversing the stereotypes said about women and men and make each gender stimulate each other stereotypes. Therefore, I had that idea for my poster to put the face of my actress on a male cartoon body and the face of my actor on a cartoon female body. In order to do this I had to capture their faces at a close up in order to have their faces as clear as possible. Afterwards, I looked for the bodies that fit my idea the best and I found a cartoon of a man with a muscled body and a girl who is taking her dog for a walk.
I had the two pictures done by photo shop which was confusing for me at first but afterwards I managed to work on it easily. The poster consisted only of three colors, the pictures are represented in black and white while the title of the film is written in a bold red font saying “He is the WOMAN.” The idea was to show that it doesn’t matter how you look like if you have been stereotyped, it would always stick to you for the life time.

In my opinion, the poster represented the film and the theme clearly in the simplest way ever. It shows how the society can see you from the stereotypes said about you not how actually you are. In addition, It is attractive for whomever is seeing it because it represents a funny combination of different bodies attached to different face from other genders.


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