Art project’s artist statement


      The theme I chose is perception, or in other words how do you see or view a picture? Everyone may see a picture differently if they changed their mindset. From which angle do you see an image can affect how you see it tremendously. The space I chose was Khan El Khalili because lots of people told me it’s a place that all people see it as the same, there are no variety in perceptions considering it. However, I chose it, as I believe that every place can be viewed differently and in several ways. Khan El Khalili could be seen as a touristic place, or could be viewed as a place to revive the Egyptian culture (oud, ahwa, shisha), Egyptian accessories are being sold and Egyptian clothes (kholkhal, galabeya and dancing suits) or it could be viewed as an Islamic architecture place as you can see that there are lots of shops, buildings and mosques that follow the Islamic architecture and are beautifully inspiring. I tend to focus on the last two perceptions as they are the ones that people don’t think about as the first thing that always comes to mind is that it’s a touristic place.

      My research question is “ does the image change due to your perception” I chose my theme as I believe perception is crucial in our lives, in everything we encounter, not only an image or a place, but also anything we hear, we smell or step on changes due to our perception. Our perception can change a negative place to let us see it as a positive one in our eyes or vice versa. For example, when I went to my place which is Khan El Khalili, it has always been a positive place for me, but there I saw how people are frustrated due to the sharp drop in the amount of tourists, there are numerous people who don’t have anything to eat and ones that their shops are selling out because the rent is just “too much” for them, so if I looked at it from this side I would see it negatively. However, if I looked at how beautifully people are suffering but still smiling and joking, the place would be associated to me positively.

      I developed the theme into my own project as I said above I challenged the idea that it’s a place that only have one perception. I first decided to make a collage representing the images I captured there, then I said I would draw trees that presents the outside there then stick materials bought from there on the canvas and finally I have decided to draw a big oud with an Islamic architecture background and make a collage with the pictures I took on to the oud. The Islamic architecture and the oud are taking the whole picture as I presented before that these are my main perception as they are the things I noticed there that make the place valuable and attract tourists, because people tend to forget about it and refer to the place as a touristic one only, therefore I didn’t present the touristic perception on my drawings but it was viewed in the collage. It’s always important to try to view a space from different angles, how other people might see it and also how your opponents in view might see it as this will change how you think, make you open to more new things and widen up your views and thoughts.


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