Art Statement (film and desgin) by Omnia Ahmed Sokarno

In  my film project I’m interviewing an old women who loves to dance. Dancing for her is not just a hobby; it is a way of coping with life, as it releases her negative energy and changes it into positive energy. This helps her to deal with the daily obstacles she faces. While the interviewer is talking and asking her some questions about the importance of dancing in her life, she remembers a flashback of her life. she recalls when she started dancing at age 4 years old and how she became more connected to dancing through learning different dancing styles as hip-hop dance, Egyptian folklore dance finally zumba dance. She stated that dancing reminds her of many good memories that she used to share with her friends when she was young.  lately, she started to give dancing classes beside her work because she cannot give up on dancing easily.

              My design project is a poster for the film project; it is called “Dancing Has no Age”. It illustrates that anyone can dance as age indeed  is not an obstacle. A person can be physically old but what is shown to the people is totally the opposite as he’s full of passion and enthusiasm and vice verse for a young person. in the poster, I included different ages of dancers and I have colored the background with yellow to grasp people’s attention. I used photo-shop and power point to edit the size of the dancers and put them according to a specific order from young to old.


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