Artist statement about design and film project

  Hoda Aboufreikha
Artist statement about film and design project


            As my theme is perspective and my place is Khan El Khalili, so I’ve made a short film that presents a journey or a day in Khan El Khalili, it is giving the watcher an idea on how does this space look like, how people are spontaneous there and say whatever comes to their mind. Also, I made a poster about the movie that gives a glimpse of how the place looked like, is looking and what is expected to look like in the future.


            Since my theme is how do you perceive or view things, some think that people like the guy who shouted “ya anesa” in the video are irritating and that they do this as harassment, it is shown that when the guy shouted another one put his hand on his ears as a sign of being irritated. However, I see it that they are doing it because they know I am going to put it somewhere on the Internet so they want to publicize themselves as even this guy told me in Arabic “Put it on facebook” and it can be heard in the video. Also, when the guy was shouting I focused by the camera on the garbage collector as my theme is perspective, this shows how someone can attract your attention but you still manage to focus on others depending on how you see things. Two interviews are shown in the video, an interview with a tourist to show the touristic perspective about the place and an interview with a seller to show their perspective about Khan El Khalili and he talked about the new things that wasn’t before, he said that every legal seller in Khan el Khalili is frustrated by the kiosks that are open next to them because they don’t pay rent, so they sell almost similar stuff to the man’s shop open there, but with much less prices, therefore buyers prefer to buy from them than the shops because they are cheaper. This opened my eyes to an issue I wasn’t aware of before and how is the government leaving them without punishments. Therefore, this also changed my perspective about these kiosks and made me think about how I couldn’t have looked at them from that way hadn’t I spoke to this man and put myself in his shoes. To my advantage, it was the second time for the tourist to visit this place so she talked about how the place differs from the first time and this shows how a change in something can change someone’s perspective about it. As you notice, the video starts in the daylight and ends at night to show that it’s a journey and a real day at Khan El Khalili. At the end, I placed two soundtracks over one another to create the effect of the oud played faster as I was reaching the end to resemble being tired and reaching the end of the journey, then it slows down again when I am returning back home to prepare you for the end.

            Considering the poster, it shows how one place was, is and will become different in three timings. First, in the 60s although photographs were black and white and at this time technology wasn’t introduced like it is right now, the place was colorful by all means, was at its finest state, everyone went there to see and buy beautiful things including residents and tourists, it was extremely safe and not like it is nowadays. In 2013 the colors are getting affected negatively or fading and things are starting to lose their striking beautiful colors and finally around 2030 it is expected to lose every color it has and the place won’t be a beautiful place anymore if its state kept going in the same direction without care and the colors will fade completely. The title is written upside down to enhance my theme which is perspective, it indirectly tells people to look at things differently and that people must change their sides sometimes to see things as they really are or to just see how and why others may not see it the same as they do. Also, to arouse curiosity in people and let them think why a title isn’t just written normally in order to make the ones who see it, eager to watch the movie. 


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