Film Project & Artist Statement: Stereotyping.

Artist Statement
Film Project
The first thing that came across my mind when I decided to make my film project was how to represent the idea of stereotyping in the simplest way ever. Therefore, I had the idea of stimulating the stereotypes said about women by men and stimulating the stereotypes said about men by women. I started researching my topic by asking about the common stereotypes about women and men, and I have managed to collect some ideas for my scenes, in which some of them were impossible to shoot. I wanted to show how it is annoying to be stereotyped with things that you mightn’t have done before or to described as one thing because of your gender, color, or even religion.
That is when I started shooting similar situation but with a girl and a boy for every one of them. The idea was to represent how men and women would act when exposed to these similar situations. I had four locations for my film project. The first one was both of them at home where the man is cooking in the kitchen and the women is watching a football match. The second location was in the street for a man walking and he is afraid to be harassed while the girl is the one who is hitting on a boy. The third location was at the office where the man is sitting there doing nothing rather than chilling, talking on the phone, and doing everything except for his work while the woman is working hard and have no time for any kind of luxuries at the office. The fourth and the final location was in front of the mirror where the man is checking his hair, face, and skin and the woman is checking her muscles and showing herself that she is cool.
When it came to editing, I used the movie maker program, because that is what is available for my laptop, to add the scenes up to each other and to crop the parts I don’t need for my film. I couldn’t manage to shoot the film with the same camera due to some obstacles I face so some scenes were taken by a semiprofessional camera while the other scenes were taken by a mobile phone camera.


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