Film Project: Motion Musicalised by Sara Neuman

The main purpose of my movie was to express the relation between motion and sound, more precisely dance and music, with a different approach. Even though we all think that creating a chorography makes the presence of music compulsory, I chose to prove that the contrary also works.
Getting inspired by the movements and body gesture, I created a musical piece that puts together the sounds a human body could express while in motion.
Additionally, I created a spine that has a saxophone attached to its end, as to express how human body parts can be seen as instruments a dancer can play. This spine is attached to the dancer throughout the movie to portray the latter.
The dancer had the freedom to move and express her feelings through motion. We chose to portray the feeling of vulnerability. This feeling was emphasized through the light that was present throughout the shoot. The light symbolized the dancer’s anticipation and aspirations, but just like a butterfly the dancer approaches the light and tries to reach it, the obstacles and difficulties she faces burn her. Finally, she gives up and surrenders.


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